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In other words, one price doesn't fit all spaces. The best way to get a reasonable estimate is by contacting us via e-mail, chat or text. This way, we can work within your budget and deliver the highest quality service possible. Nonetheless, we've decided to put a (very) rough guide in the table below. 

Small Size Spaces

500 Sq. Feet +


750 Sq. Feet +


1000 Sq. Feet +


1250 Sq. Feet +


Medium Size Spaces

1500 Sq. Feet +


2000 Sq. Feet +


2500 Sq. Feet +


3000 Sq. Feet +


Large Size Spaces

5000 Sq. Feet +


7500 Sq. Feet +


9500 Sq. Feet +


The 3D Virtual Tour comes with free 6 months hosting on Matterport Cloud System. The hosting can be extended by $10/month after the free period. Commercial spaces can also be exported to Google Maps and seen publicly, with free lifelong hosting by Google.


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We utilize a highly innovative Software Platform to Capture, Share Immersive 3D Models of Real World Spaces. Immersive Online Gallery. All-in-One 3D Solution. Interactive 3D. VR Experiences.

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